Music producer, Rapper & Songwriter

Robert E aka Rob E (formerly known as Inferno) developed a strong interest in music at a young age and ever since then music has never left his life. Robert began writing his own lyrics in the late 90's and started flowing to different instrumentals and famous beats. Eventually, a couple of years later he started to visit

various studios around the city to ask them if he could record some songs. After much positive feedback he decided to set up

his own studio at home. Now, with his own studio, he could record with whoever he wanted and whenever he wanted.

Throughout the years, Rob did many collabs with other talented artists from the same city, (e.g. Sanjin (Verbaliztix) & Castigador). In Late 2003, the beginning of 2004, Rob started to make his own beats but despite the fact that he was new at producing, many big artists still wanted to work with him. He was not only producing Hip Hop beats, his style was unique, he also produced Dancehall/Reggae, Reggaeton, and even some House music. His hardcore underground Hip Hop beats mixed with his uptempo-feel-good beats started to get noticed over the internet and at that time he began to make a name for himself.

So in 2005, Rob formed his own label called Inferno Productions, now known as Robert E Productions. Since then, Rob has

performed at many clubs, been recording with tons of artists and produced many beats for people from all different cultures.

He is now living in Stockholm, Sweden and has been doing so for over a decade.

Rob E has also performed in the USA & Europe. He has written and produced songs for several successful artists and is now working with multiple artists from all over the world.

Produced tracks for / worked with:

Lutan Fyah (Jamaica)

Tanto Metro & Devonte (Jamaica)

Dafina Zeqiri (Sweden / Albania)

Monty G (Bahamas)

Sean McGee (USA)

Beau Vallis (USA)

Michael "Mike" Rizzo (USA)

The Jokerr (USA)

Bashiyra 'The Voice' (UK)

Esco aka Esco da Shocker (Jamaica)

Liberator the Righteous Warrior (USA / Jamaica)

Gruff Souljahs (USA / Jamaica)

Khiara Sherman (Bahamas/USA)

Kwame Lemon (IQ) (Jamaica)

Cas Cas V (Uganda)

Clarisa Rose (USA)

Jacco (Labyrint) (Sweden)

Sanjin (Sweden)

Dj Quality (Sweden)

Alil Ajrulovic (Sweden)

Ill Will (USA)

Far Rock Millz (USA)

Mr. Krugga (USA)

Mona Lahdo (Sweden)

Jaysun (USA)

Tone Kapone (USA)

C-Mil$ (USA)

Aycash (Sweden)

Dr Bruce (Ghana)

Black Kat (Ghana)

Enjey (Snake) (Sweden)

Whiteout (USA)

Young Dayze (USA)

Soulreal (Australia)

Critical (Sweden)

A Pie Pelao (Colombia)

Mery Lionz (Colombia)

Niko Castigador (Sweden / Chile)

Vito Eme (Sweden / Chile)

Mankunean (UK)

Simon Duke (UK)

Lemoy the Siamese Empress (UK)

Fabolous (Trinity Sound System) (Sweden)

Ricky Benz (Jamaica)

Magnus Rytterstam (Sweden)

G-Ruffs (Sweden / Kenya)

Breach Sound Records (Nigeria)

Marble (Sweden / Uganda)

Albin Loan (Sweden)

Speedy/Deywan (Sweden)

Split Personality (Sweden/UK)

S1 (Sweden)

Da Profit (Nigeria)

Mr. Loco (USA)

Heller Mason (USA)

McBusta (Sweden)

Calina (Sweden)

Fredric (Sweden)






































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